Well... I would first like to welcome you to Emma Furnival's Photography website! I am 13 years old and operate out of Maryfield SK, Canada! I love photography! I think if I didn't have to go to school, that I would photograph every single day! I think the people who have the talent to do it need to explore it, no matter the age, gender, religion and beliefs! It is fun and doesn't need to be made hard with all the technical terms. I first started out with a Canon Point & Shoot camera! And all you need for that is something to photograph and a nice day! If you didn't know it.... This fall I was contact by a company in America stating that I had been 1 of 14 people who had won the Best of 2012 Photography contest! See that I didn't have a posh camera and I still won. This is the one thing that I thing of quite often "If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything", I think that saying is deffently true! Have a great Sunday and a great week! Only 16 days till Christmas!


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    About Me!

    I am in LOVE with photography and that is what made me pursue this business